Songbird Henna Kit
  • The Songbird Henna Kit contains all you need for the 'Body Wise Henna & Movement' workshop. It includes:


    1 Natural Cajeput Henna Cone

    1 plastic practice sheet

    1 fix-it fabric

    2 wooden henna scrapers

    1 Herbal Chai teabag

    Henna patterns and history sheet

    Glitter gems


    Songbird Henna Kit

    • We source our Cajeput henna cones from henna artist They create their henna products with all natural materials, using no harsh chemicals. Please freeze the henna as soon as you recieve it to ensure longevity. Thaw it at room temperature. If kept safely frozen, the henna cone may last upto a year.

    • Please bear in mind that if you have scent sensitivities, our henna cone will has an earthy scent. If you have sensitive skin, please make sure to spot-test with henna before applying it extensively. Our henna cones contain no harsh chemicals so they should be safe, but it is best to check for safety.