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Psychotherapist, Registered Nurse

With over 30 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Celia combines her nursing experience and the power of art expression to guide the process of self-discovery and the healing of inner psychological issues. She is committed to clients with active listening and deep empathy, viewing clients as experts in their own experience and guide them through the art-making process toward healing and wellness. Celia incorporates body movements, guided imagery and a wide variety of art-based activities in her journeying with her clients.

Celia is currently accepting new clients for individual and couples psychotherapy.  To contact Celia, please click the link below.

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Art Therapist, Psychotherapist

Rakshanda collaborates with clients from a trauma-informed, strengths-based, and anti-oppressive framework that recognizes that we all embody creative potential that we can access for personal growth. A combination of lived experience, training in Humanistic Integrative Counseling and peer support work fuel Rakshanda's approach to meeting individuals where they are at, as well as her commitment to mental health advocacy. Rakshanda also has a particular interest in graphic medicine, comics in therapy, digital and online creative processes, as well as traditional arts practices to guide healing. As a South Asian immigrant to Canada, she has experience counseling clients locally and Internationally.

Rakshanda is currently accepting new clients for Art Therapy and Psychotherapy.  To book a session with Rakshanda, click the link below.


Educator, Creativity Coach

Shaina has been an educator for 16 years and brings her love of teaching, as well as her keen interest in self-development, to her work as an art therapist. She is particularly passionate about the power of the group dynamic when it comes to healing. She works with mindfulness, embodiment, anti-oppression, and a person-centered approach. Shaina believes that everyone has the innate ability to connect to their powerful and creative inner wisdom and her goal is to help people with this.


Art Therapist, Psychotherapist

As an artist herself, Carly understands first hand the power that art has to enlighten, soothe, and heal.  At times in our lives, we all experience trauma, loss, heartbreak, and stress. When the effects of these experiences encroach on our ability to thrive as our authentic selves, we know it's time to seek some help. Carly's clients are welcomed into a space of unconditional acceptance, where together they establish a feeling of safety to explore past challenges, hurt, and losses. Carly dedicated to the understanding and ever-evolving nature of racialized trauma, as well as trauma that is specific to the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Carly is currently accepting clients for Art Therapy and Psychotherapy.  To book a session with Carly, click the link below.

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